Basic items to take to the Fair

Whether it is your first time showing at your local county fair or your an old pro sometimes we need a little help remembering what to bring with us. Well, I am here to help! Your animals 😉  I know this seems like a given but it is the most important thing you can bring. Feed.... Continue Reading →

The Stressful Months

I kind of left off my last blog post on a sad note. At 5 weeks, 4 days we lost our baby. I know it was a very early loss but that doesn't mean it hurts any less. Once the shock and sadness wore off a little, we were back in the game. The good... Continue Reading →

Common Swine Showmanship Questions

Showmanship.. One of my favorite things about showing pigs. It is solely dedicated to you and how well you and your pig work together. And in all honesty nothing is better than being in sync with your pig. Something that can be kind of scary about showmanship though is the questions! There are so many... Continue Reading →

A Turn in Our Fertility Journey

I left off in my last fertility blog talking about our newly restored faith in trying to conceive. It was refreshing to know that nothing was wrong on my husband's side of things but it still made us wonder what could be taking us so long to make a baby. Come spring/summer of 2017, I... Continue Reading →

The Start of Our Fertility Journey

When it comes to starting a family you think that in the first month of trying you will immediately get pregnant, have a beautiful baby, and live happily ever after. Well, sadly this isn't the case for everyone, especially my husband and me. I have finally got up the courage to write about our journey... Continue Reading →

Easy Pizza Braid

Ever have nights where you want something easy and delicious that the whole family can enjoy? A pizza braid is what you need! This is my go-to dinner. It is super easy, simple, and very customizable! The great thing about pizza braids is that you can always change it up. Whether that be with the... Continue Reading →

I don't know about y'all but I can't stand my house looking cluttered. It doesn't help that my house isn't the biggest and as we all know the smaller the house, the more junk it looks like we have! So as a way to help declutter my life, I made a list of things you... Continue Reading →

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