Here we are mid-August, 47 days into my husband and me trying to become free financially. If you want to start from the beginning of our financial freedom click here.

All I have to say is so far so good! I am very happy with the progress we have made so far and in reality, we have just barely started!

At the end of July (2019), we had paid off $2,060.53 in debt (Not bad right?!). 16 Days into August we have already paid $998.29 in debt. WOAH!. That brings our current total of paid off debt to $3,058.82.

When I was showing my husband how much we have paid off so far he said this had to be in a few months span! Nope, honey. Just a month and a half!

What I find even more amazing with our total so far is that we have even had an unexpected expense to get our A/C unit fixed since it decided to take a poo right after the 4th of July.

I am excited to continue with this, in all honesty, it is kind of fun to see how much you can pay off from month to month.
At this point, I am hoping to have my husband’s car paid off and one of his credit cards at least by the end of the year. I think it will be possible!

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  1. I’m a very visual person, so one of my favorite things to use to see how much I’ve saved and / or paid off is a little coloring page from Bitches Get Riches. It’s honestly the best thing ever, imo. Really easy way to visualize what’s going on- and it’s just satisfying to get to color in another block.

    Congrats on your progress! I hope it keeps going well for y’all ❤


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