When my husband and I first got married he had a ton of debt coming into the relationship. I tried to get his debt cut back but I wasn’t making much progress. After a couple of years I got tired of never seeing any type of progress so I started looking into successful ways to become debt-free. This is how I stumbled upon the Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball. If you haven’t heard of this I highly recommend you look into it! To give you a little insight of what it is though, you make a list of all of your current debts, their balances, then you start paying as much as you can towards your lowest amount. Once you get that paid off you move onto the next and work your way up the list, hence a debt snowball.

“Going into debt usually isn’t caused by a lack of money, it is caused by a lack of vision” -Dave Ramsey

So in July of 2018, I started our first debt snowball. I was able to pay off a decent amount of debt in the first 3 months, which included 2 credit cards. However, I got pregnant with our son in September and we had huge monthly expenses to sustain the pregnancy so I ended up slacking with our debt snowball.

Fast forward to June of this year (2019) I was feeling overwhelmed by our debt. Not only did we have medical bills rolling in but we are also in the process of building a new house which is costly and we are a single income family. So I sat down again and wrote out all of our debts, their interest rates, minimum payments, and total payoff. I like adding this extra information because it helps me paint a better picture of our debt.

Excluding our mortgage, we have over $53k in debt as of July 1, 2019.
Comparatively speaking I don’t know if this is excessive or not but I feel like for us it is! So far though, we have paid off almost $1,000 in debt since starting at the beginning of the month. Not too bad right?!

As our debt snowball journey progresses, I will keep updating you all on how it is going, give you any tips and tricks I find, and hopefully motivate you to start your journey to financial freedom!


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