Keeping a clean house can be a daunting task especially with how busy we are nowadays. Initially, I would try to clean my entire house in one single day, talk about a long, exhausting day. The worst part about it was that I would never finish and my house would never stay clean! Eventually I started to realize that maybe cleaning the whole house in one day was not the best route, so I started cleaning every day. I know what you are thinking, who has time or even wants to clean every single day but it is actually a lot better than it seems. When you clean everyday you aren’t cleaning the whole house, instead you are cleaning certain areas or completing different tasks. So, everyday I have an area of the house to clean or some sort of household chore. By doing this I don’t get as overwhelmed, the house stays cleaner for longer, and I have more time to do other things.

That being said, here is my weekly cleaning routine:

Sunday: Wash work clothes and rest. I try not to do too much on Sundays because that is the only day my husband is actually home so we try to spend that day together or are out and about. I still like to wash his work clothes from the previous week though because all of the dirty clothes are in the house and I don’t have to worry about him having clean clothes for the week ahead. Of course if you don’t have a task like this to do then Sundays can just be a complete day of rest!

Monday: Wash bedding, towels, and blankets. Surprisingly Mondays are the days I feel the most motivated so I do what I consider the biggest task(s) of the house. I strip down all of our bedding to put in the wash along with dirty towels and all the blankets we use. I feel by washing these items on Monday it prepares you to have a better week because you have a nice, fresh bed to crawl into at night or clean blankets to snuggle.

Tuesday: Wash the rest of your laundry, colors and whites. Since I do the bulk of my laundry on Mondays I like to follow it up by washing everything else on Tuesdays. It also clears out our laundry hampers which makes our bathroom feel cleaner. And it is helpful to have clean clothes 😉

Wednesday: Dust all wooden surfaces and disinfect everything else. I hate the look of dust build up or crumbs on coffee tables. I take Wednesdays to dust everything in our house such as our entertainment center and bookshelves. While I am at it I like to disinfect coffee tables, remotes, and even doorknobs & light switches. By doing this you every week you decrease the amount of germs on items you touch often.

Thursday: Clean bathrooms. Bathrooms get dirty very fast, especially ours since my husband works in oilfield. If you clean your bathroom once a week it will stay cleaner and won’t be as big of a task compared to doing it randomly. I actually use to hate cleaning our bathroom because it took so long to clean!

Friday: Fridge/freezer/pantry clean out and grocery shopping. Fridays are the days I clean out my fridge/freezer and pantry. This helps keep them cleaner and it is easier to see what you all have. Fridays are also the days of the week that I go grocery shopping or run errands when I need to.

Saturday: Tidy up. By this point in the week your house should be relatively clean so all you need to do is pick up miscellaneous things that aren’t in the right place.

Now, you are probably wondering when I do things such as dishes, vacuum, etc. since I didn’t mention them above. This are things that I clean every day or when I feel they need to be done. You can use your own guide when it comes to these tasks though!

I hope my cleaning schedule helps you keep a cleaner house and make the idea of cleaning not as overwhelming!

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