In my post here I talk about how I came across my hobby of making vinyl decals. Once I realized I might actually be good at it, I started to wonder if I could transform this little hobby into something more and potentially make a few bucks.

Here are the 4 steps I took to start the transformation.

Step 1: Decide if your hobby creates a product that people would be interested in. This is definitely the building blocks to a successful side biz. You don’t want to waste your time making an abundance of items then realize no one is interested in said items. Ask the opinions of your family and friends to see if they would be interested in what you make. This should help you decide if you should continue on with transforming your hobby.

Step 2: Test the waters. Here is where you can start making a few miscellaneous items to show more people. Since I had made an outfit that I was pretty impressed with, I decided to post it to my personal Facebook page. All I said in the post was something along the lines of being in love with what my Cricut can do. Not long after I actually had a few women reach out to me about the outfit and how she would like one as well. Just with this response I decided to make another post about possibly making decals if anyone would be interested. Another great way to test the waters is to make an item or two for family/friends and it could spark interest in people they know.

Step 3: Use the appropriate social tool(s). If you feel you have enough potential customers then you might want to consider creating the correct social platform.  After a while, I felt like I was posting too much about my vinyl creations on my personal Facebook account so I started considering the idea of creating a business page. It took a while for me to finally settle on this idea but I figured I would never know if it would work if I didn’t try. Instagram is also a very popular social platform right now that can work as well but might be a little harder since the whole concept of it is just pictures.

Step 4: Get your product out there. Congratulations if you have made it to this step! This means that you have almost successfully transformed your hobby into something more. All you have to do now is promote your product. A great way to do this is post pictures of products that you have made or start accepting custom orders (if applicable). You could even set up a booth at local craft fairs, flea markets or any other type of event that allows booths.

Now even though they may seem like 4 simple steps, you may not be able to transform your hobby overnight. Sometimes it takes a while for people to show an interest but don’t let that discourage you! Just keep sharing your product and show your passion for what you are doing.

I hope this helps you transform your hobby into a little money making side business!

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