Self-Discipline – A Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Housewife

When you are a housewife you don’t have a boss or co-workers to hold you accountable for what you are expected to do. So, when your job is at home there is a certain amount of self-discipline and motivation you need.

It can be really easy to just sit around and watch Netflix all day but that doesn’t get your job done. I personally believe that how you start your morning will reflect how your day will go. When I wake up I send my husband off to work, feed the dogs, make myself a cup of coffee and enjoy my diffuser and then I am ready to tackle my tasks for the day (if you are interested in diffusers I recommend the ones from Scentsy).

That being said, routine is also an important aspect in a housewife’s life. Create a daily or weekly schedule so you know what you need to get done on each day.  This will give your life more structure. For example, on Mondays I always wash my husband’s work clothes and do a majority of the housework. I am actually considering making a blog post about my weekly cleaning schedule so leave a comment below if you might be interested!

Now, I’m not saying that everyday will be amazing and you will get everything accomplished. We all have days where we just need to be lazy or can’t seem to find the motivation, and that is okay! But try not to fall too far off the train because sometimes when you get derailed it can be hard to get back on track.

So, if you have the self-discipline and motivation to be a housewife, then you are already on your way.

Stayed tuned for more posts in the series of A Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Housewife!

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