Job Description- A Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Housewife

Many people have these ideas in their head that when you are a housewife you just lounge around all day in a bubble bath, drinking champagne. Or, my personal favorite, you don’t have a real job because you don’t get paid or are just to lazy to hold a normal job. Well let me tell you, being a housewife is nothing like that.

When you are a housewife you literally never leave work. From the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to bed at night, there is always something or someone that will need your attention.

In all honesty, I think a housewife’s job description can sometimes be bigger than some people’s regular jobs.

So, here is a basic list of what a housewife’s job description is:

-Keep a clean house

-Take care of the children (if applicable)

-Provide 3 meals a day

-Run errands (groceries, pay bills, etc)

-Be a wife to your husband

(If there are other things you can think of let me know in the comments below!)

As you can see, there are a lot of things a good housewife has to do (and this is not everything). It isn’t all bubble baths and champagne over here and no one can put a price on keeping a family and household afloat.

So the next time you hear someone making snide remarks about what you do, remember you are a domestic NINJA and some people can’t do what you do!

If you think you can fit this job description then you should keep reading A Guide to Becoming the Ultimate Housewife.

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